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Indie Authors Review

UGH! I have had it with some Indie Authors! I am sick of everywhere I go–pages on Facebook, groups I am a part of, etc. beginning as something I was interested in, and ending up as nothing more than an advertising sludge pool. Am I an indie author, yes. Do, I want my books to be noticed, yes. However, reality is what it is.

Some Indie authors have inundated any and all outlets with their books. Some of the ones I have read are really, really good, and many others I have read are really, really bad. I don’t care whether you want to shoot me down for saying that. IT IS THE TRUTH!

Someone once said that anyone can be a writer, well they were wrong. Not just anyone can. That has been proved to me through some of the books I have read by some indie authors.

As a reader I have to wade through oceans and oceans of books to find what I like. Some I have come across, thinking I would like them, proved me wrong yet again. But my newsfeed is blown up by newer, better, more–yeah, right.

If you’re reading this you may be cussing me right now, and I really don’t care. If you know you can write, you aren’t cussing me. If you know you have room for improvement or are thinking I am directing this at you, then you know the answer to whether you can write or not.

Writers write because it is a need. They have withdrawal if they haven’t been able to write or they get writer’s block. It can break their heart. To finish a book is an accomplishment in and of itself. A writer’s work is part of their heart. It is a life they have borne from their imagination and just as if they have given birth to it in hard labor. It is difficult to let it go to the public for scrutinizing and critiquing. When you as a writer have been through this then you have a good book and I want to read it. Yes, some of you have sent me your books to read, and I am sorry, but the review is not here, because I do not give star reviews. I give the truth. If I believe you have put your heart and soul into your book, I am not going to tell you otherwise. I will say this. Care for it a little more and your review will appear.

To those indie authors who just want to say, look, I have written a book, good. Send me your fifteenth draft of it (I am not joking) and I will read it. Then I will know you have cared enough to send me your very best. Good luck, and best wishes!



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