Rising Calm cover

Haley Fisher has created a remarkable and unique treasure in RISING CALM. The style she carries throughout her book is one I have not read before. Within its pages you are transformed into the onlooker, watching every move of each of the characters as though you were sitting in class with them or a friend that only speaks of what they have seen. It is uniquely written in both first person and third person and how she pulled it off is amazing. I never lost sight of what was happening.

GENRE :  YA Paranormal

AUTHOR :  Haley Fisher

What would you do if suddenly the life you were leading, very happily, I might add, was taken from you? How would you handle being told something beyond your wildest imagination (unless you are a writer of course)actually existed? How would you feel if you had wanted something all your life, only believing it to be in dreams, was suddenly thrust into your lap?

Hmmm? Good question. Haley’s book, though answers those questions, at least for sixteen-year-old Cara Weaver.

Cara is the main character, among two very charming male lead characters, and several others that make you love them at once. Haley has created several very unique personalities and shoved them together in one of the most enjoyable books. Now, granted, I am a YA fanatic, even though I am forty-one, but there were a mixture of ages within her book.

Each was written in an enigmatic style, some you find out exactly what they were or are. Some leave you guessing and questioning what or who they will turn out to be. Two very interesting older characters in RISING CALM were Mr. Pelegro and Verne. There is something about them that I just cannot put my finger on. I have my theories and can’t wait to see if they prove correct in the next book or books of the series.

There are two younger characters that now have me questioning who or what they will turn out to be, but really didn’t jump out as possibilities until the writing on the castle wall. I’ll leave it to you, the reader, to figure what I mean by that. I wonder if you will come up with the same possibilities as I did.  TeeHee—there’s a couple of teasers for you.

Each writer has their own style and each is unique. Not many can pull off writing in first and third person, but Haley did and did it amazingly well. Most books thrust me as the reader into them as I read about the lives and adventures of the characters, but few have made me feel as if I was there. Many books catch me emotionally, which I consider a great book, but few have caught me emotionally AND placed me there with the characters. In essence, I was an un-named character in Haley Fisher’s, RISING CALM. I loved the book!

The pace was perfect, something happened just about each time I turned a page and it was written so very well. I have no warnings, well, there are a few words here and there for dramatic effect, but the praises for this book far outweigh them. It is one of the best I have read in a while in the YA genre.

So I guess all of you are waiting for the big question—Have you read any good books lately? My answer will be a resounding . . . YES!!! Read RISING CALM, by Haley Fisher. You will love it!

I understand this is a beginning of a series. I look forward to reading what is next!

Happy reading!!





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