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So it has come to my attention . . .

It has come to my attention that there are some authors–Indie authors–that could be a little upset with me. However, I will not change my requirements for this blog. I have, however, made a decision. I will create a new blog for books that a more mature audience might read. This blog will stay middle-school and Children’s books. My new blog will make its appearance soon. Until then I will keep a list of the authors I have had to turn down for reviews. My new blog will be for readers ages 16 and up. The two main requirements on the new blog will remain:  no sexually explicit books or books that use explicit language. So, coming soon, look for Everley Dawn’s Novel Reviews. I have several I am going to move from my YA blog to my new blog. Thank you for your patience!




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One Hit Wonders (One Series Wonders)

There have always been those bands that have that amazing one hit that sends them to the top of the charts and then they’re never heard from again, or they try and they don’t succeed, nor try again. It’s the same with some authors. The authors of Harry Potter and Twilight are prime examples. Did they write other books? Well, yes, of course, but do you remember those other books? Some may and some may not.

In my opinion, Harry Potter and Twilight will be forever. I am a huge fan of both, however I noticed they seemed to have no desire or lost part of it when they became “famous”. It makes me wonder if being a NYTBS author is so stressful that they lose their want to write again. What happens to those that have hit it big?

I have noticed that Indie authors never lose their want to write. It seems to be a part of them. It becomes almost like breathing. If we happen to hit it big, then great, but we keep writing because ideas keep coming into our minds. I hope Indies never lose their desire.

Would I love to become an NYTBS author, of course, but so would many others. I read Indies because, to me, there is always something to learn from them. There are so many ways to tell a story. Pick yours and run with it. And as always, keep reading, keep learning from others. Keep striving for your goal, never stop writing, never stop improving! Happy reading and writing!


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The Fifth House by Andy Goldman–Review by Bethanie

Fifth House Andy Goldman

The Fifth House

by: Andy Goldman

Genre: YA Sci-Fi


Well, I will have to admit that I liked this book better than the first–much more action in it.

In The Fifth House, the way the story was laid out was excellent. Mr. Goldman wrote it from the two main characters’ perspectives. Each chapter built upon the other. Although frustrating at times, where he would end the chapter, I couldn’t put it down. I had to know what happened next. It kept me reading until sometimes the wee hours of the morning. The action never stopped, even through the ending sentence of the book. However, cliffhanger, once again.

I really don’t like cliffhangers. Nonetheless, it is each author’s choice to how they end their books.


I was pleased to see much more depth to the background stories of the characters. It gave me a much bigger interest in some and hate others even more.


The writing and storyline this time were fantastic, however there was more profanity used in this book and a few scenes that were questionable but turned out okay. It kept you guessing with a few major surprises. It also made me want to scream at times too. The jumping between character perspectives was good but happened at some of the most inopportune times. You had to keep reading.

Good authors do that. They make the reader unable to put the book down. There were times, though, that it frustrated me enough to where I had to take a break from reading it. I was right back at it sometime later. It called to me, there was no way to stop reading it altogether. Happy Reading!





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How can one of the best series I have ever read leave me heartbroken and happy at the same time?

From the beginning of this blog, I promised I wouldn’t leave a review on here that was one of the authors of the “BIG FIVE”. I will still keep that promise. However, I never said I wouldn’t share my thoughts. So here it goes. I just finished a series where the main character–the heroine–doesn’t make it. I am not going to tell you what series it is.

I am not one that likes surprises, usually, but I really wasn’t surprised at the way this series ended. The end left me heartbroken because she was the backbone of the whole series. At the same time, it left me happy because one of the main people that could never leave her mind, she was reunited with, in the afterlife. I read a ton of symbolism into this book, but that may not be what the author was going for, so I will keep that to myself.

I loved this author’s novels because they always lead back to the same thing. You cannot achieve peace until people stop thinking one is better than the other. Killing never made the world a better place.  The end of killing is what made the world a better place, but that will never stop.

You know, at one time, the dystopian genre was never where I would step foot. Even just the hearing of the word dystopian made me want to run the other way. Dystopian and dysfunctional in my opinion mean the same thing. Don’t we all live in dysfunction? Don’t we all live in a dystopia? Is your life the perfection that you always dreamed of? We cannot achieve peace for ourselves until we accept that life–if you will pardon the cliche–“life is not always perfect”.

Are there perfect times? It depends on how you take a situation and how you can use it to strengthen yourself or weaken yourself. It is always your choice. God granted us that–human choice.

Life throws curveballs that we sometimes never see coming, or maybe we do see them coming and refuse to catch them. Since it is baseball season here in the United States, I will leave you with this. When a pitcher throws a curveball, the batter is going to do his best to hit that ball. Sometimes he doesn’t and misses an opportunity. Sometimes he hits a home run. Sometimes he hits it and only makes one base. However, I think I would swing pretty much at anything because at least I have tried, and trying is better than not trying.

Thank you for allowing me to clear my head.

Who knows? Maybe, one day, the words that God has given me the talent to create, the brain to use to the best of my ability, the fingers to be able to write down, will hit a home run. I will never quit trying. I can never quit trying!

Happy writing,


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An Author’s Heart

I have been many things in my life. I started off as a teacher and taught for fifteen years. Then I became a wife. Then I became a mother. Then I became a writer, an author, an editor, and now a book reviewer. I have read some of the most amazing books.
The amazing books that I am speaking of, most have come from independent authors. I would love to see them succeed and show how talented they are.
The others are the millionaire authors. Some are really good authors. However, some of those have decided that their name alone sells books. That is not true. The content and the heart of any author is what makes their books, not their name.
I believe Indie authors have an incredible chance to become known names. The fact remains, though, that once they become known, what happens then? Do they turn into those that believe their name is their “power” and forget what made them start writing in the first place? I have seen some that haven’t, but I have seen even more that have.
Never forget where you began, because the minute you do, you are on your way to the end.
Just some thoughts for the day. Happy writing!!

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Two More Books Ready to be Released

So, normally, I don’t write about my own books, but I am excited about the release of these next two books, because that now finishes the series The Saga of Lost Souls. As authors, we all know the blood, sweat, and tears that go into writing a book and the huge satisfaction of finally finishing it. My two new books will be out within the next week. I do not put reviews out on my own books. I think that is bad work ethic. So don’t worry, you won’t see anything like that on my site. Well, thank you for listening.

I am getting ready to read Dealing with Devils by Pembroke Sinclair. That will be my next review up. It is the sequel to The Appeal of Evil.  Have a great week and Happy Reading!!


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Indie Authors Review

UGH! I have had it with some Indie Authors! I am sick of everywhere I go–pages on Facebook, groups I am a part of, etc. beginning as something I was interested in, and ending up as nothing more than an advertising sludge pool. Am I an indie author, yes. Do, I want my books to be noticed, yes. However, reality is what it is.

Some Indie authors have inundated any and all outlets with their books. Some of the ones I have read are really, really good, and many others I have read are really, really bad. I don’t care whether you want to shoot me down for saying that. IT IS THE TRUTH!

Someone once said that anyone can be a writer, well they were wrong. Not just anyone can. That has been proved to me through some of the books I have read by some indie authors.

As a reader I have to wade through oceans and oceans of books to find what I like. Some I have come across, thinking I would like them, proved me wrong yet again. But my newsfeed is blown up by newer, better, more–yeah, right.

If you’re reading this you may be cussing me right now, and I really don’t care. If you know you can write, you aren’t cussing me. If you know you have room for improvement or are thinking I am directing this at you, then you know the answer to whether you can write or not.

Writers write because it is a need. They have withdrawal if they haven’t been able to write or they get writer’s block. It can break their heart. To finish a book is an accomplishment in and of itself. A writer’s work is part of their heart. It is a life they have borne from their imagination and just as if they have given birth to it in hard labor. It is difficult to let it go to the public for scrutinizing and critiquing. When you as a writer have been through this then you have a good book and I want to read it. Yes, some of you have sent me your books to read, and I am sorry, but the review is not here, because I do not give star reviews. I give the truth. If I believe you have put your heart and soul into your book, I am not going to tell you otherwise. I will say this. Care for it a little more and your review will appear.

To those indie authors who just want to say, look, I have written a book, good. Send me your fifteenth draft of it (I am not joking) and I will read it. Then I will know you have cared enough to send me your very best. Good luck, and best wishes!


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So Many Books, So Little Time

I absolutely LOVE Christmas, until the hustle and bustle of everything gets to me. My favorite thing is to curl up with a good book and relax. That has not been possible this time. Too much has stopped me. I don’t like to be stopped from one of my favorite pass times. So I have to rework my schedule to bring that in. I received new books for Christmas, and I wish to read them. One is from a good friend of mine, and I want very much to read it. The other is from T. A. Barron, a wonderful author who has written the Merlin Saga and now has begun a new series with Atlantis Rising. I want to read those so for those of you who wish to see more from my reviews, please stay tuned. I am also going to have a review of another one of my friends books as soon as it is published. I can hardly wait. This year I am writing my own new year. Thankful for the imaginative mind of my author colleagues. I have much to read, so I better get started! Happy New Year!

!9780399257575_large_Atlantis_Rising             Diary of the Gone

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Anything is possible

It’s amazing to me where and how writers come up with new story ideas.  This one just came to me as I was setting up the ABOUT page for this blog . . .

*   *   *   *   *   *   *

. . . As I walk down the street it is suddenly engulfed by a strange cloud. I can’t see anything in front of me. Someone is calling my name, but I cannot see them. They sound far off, but seem to be getting louder. There is a sudden rush of cool air and it makes me shiver. I hear my name louder, “Danielle, Danielle!” I feel a stronger breeze coming toward me and then the voice louder than I have previously heard. It is attached to this man that appears to me in the cloud, yet is running at me. “Danielle! Look out!”

He dives at me, taking me to the ground. The cloud clears immediately as a team of horses narrowly misses us. He lands on top of me face down into the poofs of  . . . my dress? 

Wait a minute, I had on jeans with my running shoes, and two, layered, long-sleeve tees when I started walking. What is going on?

I don’t have time to think for a moment because as I gasp I take in a mouth full of dust and choke, coughing my head off. The man’s gentle voice comes to me, “Danielle, love, are you okay?” Only one person has ever called me that. After the shock of the nickname, and the southern belle dress I now have on, wears off, I look up.

The dust has cleared, but a gasp escapes my lips once more, as I stare into a face I thought I would never see again. I lose my breath. My mind starts going ninety miles a second.

Impossible, he disappeared. No one ever found him . . .

“Hello beautiful.” He said that to me so many times. I never tired of hearing it. He reaches to touch my face and I take his hand and immediately put it to my cheek, because I think I’m dreaming. But, his touch, is just like it used to be. His voice is just like it used to be.

The questions must be seen all over my face, because he answers. “It really is me.” He’s on his knee in front of me as I clamber up to mine and embrace him as I have wanted to for so long. He takes me into his arms just like he used to, whispering in my ear, “I have missed you so much.”

I cannot speak. I can only cry, happy tears, as he holds me to him like I have wanted him to, what seems like forever . . .

*   *   *   *   *   *   *

Now, the next question is . . . Where will this take me? Anything is possible!

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