The Unlucky Seed by Caroline Locher–Review by Bethanie

The Unlucky Seed by Caroline Locher

Children’s Picture Book


This is a cute little children’s picture book. Unfortunately I couldn’t find the book cover or I would put it on here.

I must apologize to Ms. Locher for getting to it so late. You know life, it sometimes won’t get out of the way.

This book is very reminiscent of The Ugly Duckling. The one exception to this book is it is about a little sunflower seed. It doesn’t understand why it seems to have to work so hard when all the other little seeds stayed in the little girl’s basket. It was a little sad, but turned out to be a great thing that it fell out of the basket. It became the strongest and most beautiful of all the other flowers.

It just goes to show that though we may struggle to find our place in the world, when we finally do, it becomes one of the strongest  and most beautiful of all.

Thank you Ms. Locher for sharing your sweet book with me.



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