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Anything is possible

It’s amazing to me where and how writers come up with new story ideas.  This one just came to me as I was setting up the ABOUT page for this blog . . .

*   *   *   *   *   *   *

. . . As I walk down the street it is suddenly engulfed by a strange cloud. I can’t see anything in front of me. Someone is calling my name, but I cannot see them. They sound far off, but seem to be getting louder. There is a sudden rush of cool air and it makes me shiver. I hear my name louder, “Danielle, Danielle!” I feel a stronger breeze coming toward me and then the voice louder than I have previously heard. It is attached to this man that appears to me in the cloud, yet is running at me. “Danielle! Look out!”

He dives at me, taking me to the ground. The cloud clears immediately as a team of horses narrowly misses us. He lands on top of me face down into the poofs of  . . . my dress? 

Wait a minute, I had on jeans with my running shoes, and two, layered, long-sleeve tees when I started walking. What is going on?

I don’t have time to think for a moment because as I gasp I take in a mouth full of dust and choke, coughing my head off. The man’s gentle voice comes to me, “Danielle, love, are you okay?” Only one person has ever called me that. After the shock of the nickname, and the southern belle dress I now have on, wears off, I look up.

The dust has cleared, but a gasp escapes my lips once more, as I stare into a face I thought I would never see again. I lose my breath. My mind starts going ninety miles a second.

Impossible, he disappeared. No one ever found him . . .

“Hello beautiful.” He said that to me so many times. I never tired of hearing it. He reaches to touch my face and I take his hand and immediately put it to my cheek, because I think I’m dreaming. But, his touch, is just like it used to be. His voice is just like it used to be.

The questions must be seen all over my face, because he answers. “It really is me.” He’s on his knee in front of me as I clamber up to mine and embrace him as I have wanted to for so long. He takes me into his arms just like he used to, whispering in my ear, “I have missed you so much.”

I cannot speak. I can only cry, happy tears, as he holds me to him like I have wanted him to, what seems like forever . . .

*   *   *   *   *   *   *

Now, the next question is . . . Where will this take me? Anything is possible!


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