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Please, Please, Please Read the Requirements for Reviews

When a book reviewer takes the time to give requirments for a book to be reviewed, then courtesy would be to read what he or she takes the time to write.

I LOVE Indie authors and I don’t like to turn them down, but I have had to turn down several lately. They either didn’t see the requirements, which are ON THE ABOUT PAGE, or just skimmed through them. I would hope that they just didn’t blow them off. I am a teacher. I like to find books that students might enjoy but would never see if I didn’t review them, because they are not on the shelves of the “big name bookstores”. There is more to life than Shakespeare, although I love Shakespeare, and will include his works in literature studies.

There are authors like Ivan Amberlake, Rebecca Graf, L. Benedict Dunn IV, Aaron Denius Garcia, Pembroke Sinclair, C.P. Bialois, James Calbraith, Haley Fisher, and SO MANY MORE. I have so many that I love.

I look forward to getting book review requests, but am highly disappointed when an author sends me a book that does not meet the requirements. I am an author myself, and I know how important it is to get others to read your book, but as long as you go about it the right way it all works out. I wish you all the best! Happy Reading!



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Writing Marathon Won, Now On To My Review Basket

Thank you for your patience. Wow, it has been such a whirlwind around here. My goal for the summer was to get the two awaiting books published. DONE!! YAY!! Now on to my review basket, which has been waiting patiently. Review of Diary of the Gone by Ivan Amberlake coming soon. In the meanwhile, check out a few on my favorites page. Happy Reading!

Diary of the Gone


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So Many Books, So Little Time

I absolutely LOVE Christmas, until the hustle and bustle of everything gets to me. My favorite thing is to curl up with a good book and relax. That has not been possible this time. Too much has stopped me. I don’t like to be stopped from one of my favorite pass times. So I have to rework my schedule to bring that in. I received new books for Christmas, and I wish to read them. One is from a good friend of mine, and I want very much to read it. The other is from T. A. Barron, a wonderful author who has written the Merlin Saga and now has begun a new series with Atlantis Rising. I want to read those so for those of you who wish to see more from my reviews, please stay tuned. I am also going to have a review of another one of my friends books as soon as it is published. I can hardly wait. This year I am writing my own new year. Thankful for the imaginative mind of my author colleagues. I have much to read, so I better get started! Happy New Year!

!9780399257575_large_Atlantis_Rising             Diary of the Gone

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