Shadow of the Wraith by Ross Harrison–Review by Bethanie

Shadow of the Wraith

Shadow of the Wraith

By: Ross Harrison

Genre: Adult Sci-fi

Star Trek meets Star Wars–there was even a Captain Kirk and a C3po. Each had different names, but that is what they reminded me of. I will be honest. I have never been a Star Wars or Star Trek fan. However, if you like those you will definitely like Shadow of the Wraith.

Although going into this book I knew I was dealing with space sci-fi. This quickly became a little too sci-fi for me. It seemed like a tired storyline, one that I had seen many times before and saw throughout this too. But understand, please, this is only my opinion. The many readers that love space sci-fi will definitely love this book.

It is written for adults 18 and up, in my opinion. I would not recommend it for ages younger than that. However, parents, it is your child and you can make that decision.


There was some crude language in it. I believe it would have been fine without it. The reader knows they are misfit soldiers without having to use crude language to prove it. Again just a warning. Some care and some don’t.


The description in the story was decent. You could get an idea of what a character looked like and what the many “ships” may have looked like. It took me awhile to get into it because of the dialect it is written in. I am used to American English and this was written in what reminded me of UK English. That was rather a hurdle for me, but once into it and realizing how it was written, I was able to sail through it. It moved along at a medium pace. There was some action to keep your interest. Then it came to the main scene and took off. Star Wars or Star Trek fans will love it. The storyline, as I said before, was a rather tired one–again, my opinion–but anyone that loves space wars and taking over the galaxy-type stories will love to sink their teeth into this one.

Happy Reading!


I was given this book in exchange for an honest review. No monetary exchange was made.


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