The Least Envied by Sean DeLauder–Review by Bethanie

The Least Envied Kindle                                The Least Envied Paperback



The Least Envied by Sean DeLauder

Genre: Mixed


Sooo many words. Words have power, they can cause one to fail, they can cause one to succeed, they can even make one become a hero. Without words we would know nothing. There would be no history–American history or world history, no amazing Greek legends–The Illiad, The Odyssey, The Legend of Hercules, mythology in and of itself. We would know nothing of Plato or Socrates. What fun would a campfire be without scary ghost stories and urban legends to tell? What fun would a campfire be without the campfire songs sung around it or the music played around them? This is this book–all of the above.

When I receive a request for a review of a book, I interview the author by email with a few questions about what I am about to pick up and read. When I emailed Mr. DeLauder and asked him what his book was like, he told me there was nothing like it. I have a tendency not to believe those that say that. In general, most authors have been inspired to write from some movie, other book, or a song. We don’t want our books to sound like anything else, yet most of the time they do. Well, in Mr. DeLauder’s case, it was both like and unlike any other thing I have read.

It was the best and worst book I have ever read. It was a frustration and a joy to read. It made me insane at points, but then I was able to regain my sanity. If there was a way to prepare other readers for the reading of this book I would. However, there is not. There were times I wanted to stop reading it altogether because it drove me up the wall, but I couldn’t because I wanted to see what it turned out to be. You would just have to read it for yourself.

Writing and Storyline

The writing I really didn’t pick up anything wrong with it, but perhaps the reason could be having to work to keep up with all of the parts of the book. The storyline is not really just one. There are many within this book. The author is writing about the author writing this story. It is almost unique in that area, with the exception of one other book I have read by Yannis Karatsioris. It was similar in nature to this one.

Mr. DeLauder, bravo! Thank you for sharing your book with me and I wish you the best!



I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. No monetary exchange was made.


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