The Only City Left- By: Andy Goldman–Review by Bethanie

The Only City Left

The Only City Left

By: Andy Goldman

First of all let me say I am not one to give much, if anything, away. I will say this–don’t judge a book by its cover. This cover gives nothing away to the fact of what is in it. Pick it up and read it. You will be happily amazed just like I was.

What an amazing fantastical world! Mr Goldman’s imagination is off the scale. There were things I loved about this novel and things I didn’t love about this novel. However, that is the mark of a good author. I laughed and cried and screamed, and still wondered.

There was so much that needed to happen in this novel that it took quite a bit to get there. This dystopian world blew my mind. The descriptions allowed me to incorporate myself within the story. There were times I wanted to ring the main character’s neck and times I wanted to cry for him and did. If a book pulls at my emotions and makes me feel each and every one, I consider it well-written. My stomach clenched in anticipation and exasperated sighs escaped my mouth when I wanted to get hold of someone and slap them around.

To Mr. Goldman–Well Done!!


The amount of time and thought that went into this novel, boggles my mind. What an imagination to create the world he did and make it believable at each and every turn. It helped that he used one of my favorite animals to create the story around. 🙂  The story-line was well thought-out and brought-together at the end, yet it left me wanting more.  I have questions about a few things that were in this book and seemed to just disappear from existence, but again that is just my observation. I expect to get my answers in the next however many books that go with this series. If I don’t then the story will feel incomplete, but I place my full trust in Mr. Goldman, and that he won’t disappoint me.


Some readers care and some readers don’t, but there were a few foul words here and there. They were very few, though.


My recommended age group for this novel would be 15 and up. It is a young adult novel. I like the fact that Mr. Goldman took something popular and made it his very own, nothing like what readers would normally find. THANK YOU MR. GOLDMAN! Happy reading!



I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. No monetary exchange was made.


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