The Cat’s Maw by Brooke Burgess–Review by Bethanie

The Cat's Maw

The Cat’s Maw

by: Brooke Burgess

Genre: YA Fiction, Mystery, Horror

I cannot remember a book making me so very angry, so very sad, sometimes sick, and giving me a sense of foreboding all at the same time. In saying that, it was also very edge-of-your-seat-ish. So if Mr. Burgess wanted to write a book that can leave the reader feeling full of dread, yet dying to read the next book, then I guess he accomplished what he set out to do.

I love books with animals in them, especially cats. Cats have always lent an air of mystery to any family who happens to have one as a pet or more than one, whichever the case may be. This book reminds me a lot of the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. The main difference being that I would consider this more of a horror-type book than an adventure-type book. It is very Stephen King-ish.


The writing was fine, but less than I anticipated. Here is where I will probably not be liked. However I cannot make everyone happy, so I will do as I am expected to and give my honest opinion.

First of all let me say this. This book had a storyline, but there was not enough of the storyline in it. I will not give anything away but to say this. It seemed to be more human than cat and with a title like The Cat’s Maw, I just expected more of the cat theme than I read. Now, that being said, this was just the first book of the series so I may get more of what I am looking for in the next book or books, however many there might be.

I normally can read quickly through a book because it flows well. Please take this with a grain of salt, but for me the book did not flow well, and there seemed some parts that could have been left out altogether. A few of the characters I cannot see a place for in the book, and still others I think need more of a place in the book. Again, my opinion, others may not feel the same way. They may think it is great and for them it might be.

This was supposedly written for middle grades, but I would move it into the Young Adult range. Just because the book uses middle-grade aged children does not necessarily deem it middle-grade fiction. There were also a few words in it that most parents of middle-grade students would not want them to see. I am one of those parents. Some may not care, but some may. It will be left up to the parent to make that decision.


The book itself was not bad. The only problem for me was the flow of the story. It jumped around way too much, but again, my opinion. Please, however, do not let this review sway you from reading the book. Not every reader is alike and therefore each has their own opinion. I appreciate the opportunity to read the book, and I will look for the next one to read. Happy reading!


I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. No monetary exchange was made.


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