Guardian of the Underworld by Rachel Tetley–Review by Bethanie

Guardian of the Underworld by Rachel Tetley

What a magnificent world Ms. Tetley has created in Guardian of the Underworld. A story for young readers, but with enough adventure and mystery to keep the reader, young or old,  glued to the pages waiting to see what is going to happen next.

As a reviewer I will not give away any parts of the storyline for fear of spoiling things for the next reader, but I like to give clues to capture your curiosity. I promise, though, this is one that I would recommend for those of you that like adventure and mystery and other worlds.

The story begins in the village where Jake and Arianna live, or rather the woods that are on the outskirts of it. Children of all ages love the woods. It brings out a child’s imagination in many ways. But what, if suddenly, your imaginings become real? That is what Jake and Arianna have found.

Jake has grown up hearing these amazing stories from his grandfather and finds himself sunk in the middle of something he never dreamed possible. They are only stories, right? What if everything you had ever heard turned out to be true?

It left me breathles as I followed the many leaps and turns that took Jake and Arianna with them. Although things start off slow, once the story begins to escalate, it takes off and doesn’t stop. Not even at the end. The end of the book just adds more mystery for the next one in the series.

Writing and Storyline:

I will admit, there were parts of the story that could have been further developed and made it even more exciting. However, I will give the benefit of the doubt, considering that this is to be the first in a series. Maybe the parts that I, admittedly, wanted more from will show up in future books in the series.

The storyline was well-thought out and very much explored in the chapters of the book. The chapter lengths seemed ideal for the younger readers, and, of course, adults would enjoy it too. My favorite line in Guardian of the Underworld by Ms. Tetley, would have to be, “The sun pierced through the treetops like beams of hope, but mist hung in the air as though trying to smother it.”

I am not sure why that line struck me as it did, but for that particular part of the story it was extremely fitting.


Now for the big question: Would I recommend this book for others to read?

A very resounding, “YES!” Happy reading!


I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


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