Really? Seriously? Signed Author–Success not guaranteed

Okay, I have just about had enough of hearing about the Amazon-Hachette junk. It seems to me that they just need to pull up their britches and deal with it. I am also sick of hearing how badly it would hurt best-selling authors to drop their e-book prices. Really?

How about this. If they drop their e-book prices and make them more affordable for everyone–GASP–have they thought about how many more people could buy them at reasonable prices? No one wants to pay the same amount for an e-book as they do for a paperback. Or at least I don’t. Am I in a minority out here? I don’t think so.

I’m ready for it all to be done and over with–SO VERY READY. Okay rant over.

Now on to the topic of my original thought for this post–SIGNED AUTHORS does not mean guaranteed success. I have seen many books in the bookstores that don’t seem to get picked out. Not sure why, and those always end up on the bargain rack at my local B-A-M or on the outside discount racks that anyone can come by and grab a book off of and just walk away with it. I don’t know if this happens, but it seems that it could happen.

Anyway, I have read many, many Indie books. I would much rather read those than some of the ones written by bestselling authors. And then again there are some Indie books I have purchased that I will never recommend to anyone because they were so horribly written.

Now, what happens to those Indie authors that have written, hands down, some of the best novels I have ever read? They get shoved into the background and the great self-published authors get a bad rap. It is not right, but unfortunately there will always be the gatekeepers. As long as there are gatekeepers, there will be Indie authors and as long as there is self-publishing there will be more good books to look at by Indie authors, not just NYTBS authors.

There is a sea of books out there just waiting to be discovered and some so much better than James Patterson and Danielle Steele. Maybe the big name publishers need to delve into the sea of books and find some amazing, undiscovered author. If I was them I would.


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