To Be a Reader

How do I begin this? I guess I’ll just start. I am an author, but I am also a reader, a reader who gets into books more than anyone I have ever known. A book that stays with me because of the story, is great, but what about a book series that is so great it makes me not want to finish it??  Everyone is screaming at me right now, I can hear it. But here is the deal. I just finished the third book in the series The Mortal Instruments,  which means I have read, City of Bones, City of Ashes, and City of Glass. 

City of Bones book cover                 City of Ashes            City of Glass


Let me just say this and get it off my chest. If she had stopped at book three–City of Glass. I would have been happy. I am satisfied with the (spoiler alert) beautiful, wonderful, ending. However, something happens in this book that should have never happened. There are three more to go. I am fear-stricken to read the next book–City of Fallen Angels. I am content to live in my happily ever after, not have it snatched out from under me. I can only conclude that is what will happen, because of the thing that should have never happened in the third book.

The first three books were amazingly written and although each wasn’t exactly what I wanted, it was something I could be happy with. The first three books were like an enormous, choreographed musical. That is how they felt to me. I could hear the singing in the background as I read the words, pulling all-nighters to finish it so I could get to the next. I finished the last one this morning about 4:15. I only went to sleep after that. I was happy with the ending, not exactly satisfied, but happy. That is the way I want to come away from a series that is probably one of the best I have read since The Twilght Saga. 

Now as I read the titles of the fourth, fifth, and sixth books. I am afraid. No one lives forever, and there are so many wonderful and amazing characters that have touched my heart. There is not one I could live without. So there the book will sit until I can either lose my fear of the unknown or just cannot stand to leave the series unfinished. Happy Reading!



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